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Our Testimonials

“I have to say those were the best lobster’s I have ever had! You will definitely be hearing from me soon for another order. I had some friends over that night and they also said they were the best! You’ll be hearing from them too! Thanks for being so helpful and pleasant. Talk to you soon. Best Regards – Nancy Salvador (Florida)

“Dear everyone at Lucky Catch — Our lobsters arrived promptly on New Years Eve and were a huge hit for our family celebration. They were absolutely perfect and devoured by all! Thank you so much for your wonderful service. – Happy New Year”

“Hey Tom & Liam…….You have some huge fans here in Breckenridge. Everything was perfect. What a great New Year’s treat. Thank you. We’ll do it again in April.”

“Hey you guys, I can’t thank you enough for the lobsters!!!!!!!! My name is Wendy and I work with Ann Brideau, I just want you to know how much my family and I appreciated eating fresh lobster for the new year, have a happy one!”

“Many thanks for the shipment which arrived about 2:00 yesterday! We feasted and enjoyed the lobsters very much, Captain Tom. We’ll pass along your name and business phone to others and call you again when we are ready for more!”

“Thanks for the cooking instructions! The lobsters were excellent! Everyone in the office was shocked they were still alive!! We took some pictures of them before we put them in the pot….. 1 will send them along electronically with others from our Lobster boating trip! Thanks so much for all your great information about lobstering …we really had a fabulous time! We will keep your web info for future orders!!! Happy Lobstering!!”

“Just want to thank you for the fabulous lobsters you sent my father this weekend. Unfortunately, they will be the last for their family, as my mother refuses to ever cook another living creature (I think naming them was her first mistake). I thought you might enjoy reading their adventure with your lobsters. We’re looking forward to seeing you when we’re in Portland in July. Cheers!”

Dear Tom and Liam, Hi Guys! First I want to thank you both for taking care of me, for the lobsters. My parents really enjoyed them. The cutest thing: I called my parents up that Tues. to see they got the lobsters, my mom answered the phone and said she opened the box and saw the lobsters alive…. She was so surprised. She did not know, they ship them alive. I had a great time in Portland ME. and the rest of my vacation in Boston too. Once Again Thank You! From my parents and I.

“Cap’n Tom – Helga and I really enjoyed our morning aboard the Lucky Catch. Your concern for the customers and respect for the creatures of the sea is awesome. I came away from that trip very impressed with Maine Lobstermen. Thank You!”